Rural & Regional Health Services

Why Participate?

  • Gain a better understanding of the issues facing community and regional hospitals

  • Find your areas of opportunity for improvement

  • Learn of the most recent innovations that have substantially improved patient care in hospitals of similar size in similar locations.

  • Even if your hospital is not a member, your hospital can be represented


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$A5,750* for first facility in your network. $A4,750* for each additional facility. *excl GST
Individual delegate venue fees are billed separately.

Timeline and key dates

8 January 2018
Submission of issues your hospital wants considered at the meeting

8 January 2018
Submission of additional data if required

6 March 2018
Pre-meeting Briefing package

23 March 2018
Workshop - Sydney

Improvement Group Name

Rural and Regional Health Services

23 March 2018 - Sydney
Meeting Code HRT1803

This Roundtable is specifically tailored to Rural & Regional members to network and identify collaborative improvement around community/population health, workforce challenges and the adoption of new technology in remote settings.

Suburban and non-metropolitan hospitals often face a number of different challenges to the large teaching hospitals based in the Capital Cities of Australia and New Zealand, Yet these hospitals still have to meet the same standards of patient care that are expected by national and local authorities, and of course meet patient expectation.

In 2018, the Health Roundtable will run a special one day workshop for all suburban, regional, community and rural hospitals focusing on the issues that are of special relevance to these sized hospitals.

This roundtable will demonstrate how standard Health Roundtable reports can highlight those areas that present opportunities for improvement in patient care. Some additional reports will also be prepared to investigate special areas of interest for this group's attendees.

In addition, the Health Roundtable will showcase the best innovations in patient care and service delivery to improve patient care. Members of the Health Roundtable have noted that over the last three years, many of the best innovations have come from hospitals within this group.

As working collaboratively with community PHN's (Aust) and PHO's (NZ) is a key necessity for effective continuity of patient care, special consideration will be given to considering opportunities for improved data sharing between organisations.

What do you need to do?
  • Designate a liaison representative as a key contact for this group
  • Organise a multi-disciplinary team of up to 4 people to attend the Group meeting
  • Come to the meeting with one or more 'burning issue' affecting your hospital
  • Identify and bring to the meeting at least one of your improvement innovations that you would like to share with other member health services
What does The Health Roundtable do?
  • Works with key liaison contacts to plan the annual meeting
  • Analyses hospital data to provide key comparisons amongst participants
  • Helps identify exemplar services that may have the key to improving your local burning issues
  • \
  • Assists with your planning to implement an improvement activity when you return home
  • Provides resources and networks to help support your implementation plans

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