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Receive our exclusive reports highlighting your success & opportunities
Benchmark your transfusion practice with your peers
Receive expert advice from WA's PBM data expertise    
Demonstrate your commitment to National Standard 7
Achieve better patient outcomes at lower cost
Share your successful innovations with your colleagues
Develop practical implementation plans to strategically improve your service


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A$5,450 (excl. GST) per group per facility.
Workshop attendance is A$415 per delegate

The 2020 Patient Blood Management will be available soon.

Patient Blood Management

Improving Patient Blood Management

Patient Blood Management Improvement Group

16-17 September 2020, Melbourne
Meeting Code HRT2015

The Patient Blood Management (PBM) Improvement Group leverages from PBM as an evidence-based bundle of care that optimizes medical and surgical patient outcomes by clinically managing and preserving a patient’s blood.

Our unique report highlights key insights for your facility and our well-known workshops create collaboration and innovation sharing of best practice across Australia and New Zealand members.

Australia is the only country in the world to have national PBM guidelines? National Safety & Quality Standard 7 also mandates that hospitals have a blood management programme and report on its outcomes.

Reasons for joining the PBM Improvement Group include:

  1. Transfusion as one of the top 5 overused procedures.
  2. Up to 60% of transfusions may be inappropriate and less than 12% beneficial.
  3. Red Blood Cell (RBC) transfusion is independently associated with increased morbidity, mortality, hospital and ICU length of stay, and increased cost. 
  4. Patients stay Av 2.5 days longer, with increased odds ratio of death of 1.7.
  5. PBM programmes are associated with a 39% reduction in transfusion rate and almost half a day reduction in length of stay!
  6. The WA PBM programme resulted in cost savings of $80-100M over 5 years.
  7. Funding changes: devolvement of blood product costs to public hospitals through the ABF framework.


How much could your hospital save by joining the Health Roundtable Patient Blood Management Improvement Group and benchmarking your transfusion practice and patient outcomes?

By joining the PBM Improvement Group you will be exposed to:

  • Evidence-based solutions to reduce transfusions
  • Exposure to experts in Western Australia as a world leader and exemplar in PBM
  • Deep understanding of the 3 pillars of PBM (Anaemia, minimise bleeding & harness reserves)
  • Benchmark your whole of service, department, specific DRGs and patient groups compared to peers
  • Detailed transfusion analysis by specialty (Cardiac Surgery & Orthopaedics etc)
Patient Blood Management Benchmarking Reports

Specifically, the suite of benchmarking reports includes the following metrics:

  1. Executive Summary highlighting your key changes
  2. Overall, Same Day & Overnight Transfusion trends
  3. Planned vs Unplanned Transfusion rates
  4. Detailed analysis by Speciality
  5. Detailed analysis by Diagnosis
  6. Related trends between transfusion & infections
  7. Single transfusion rates

The PBM Benchmarking Reports demonstrate a wide variation in care.

After our workshop you will have analysed your data, highlighted an opportunity, leveraged best practice and have an implementation plan ready to undertake at your facility and present to the workshop the following year.

Join this growing group and share your wisdom as well as gaining new knowledge from your peers.

The 2020 Patient Blood Management Improvement Group Workshop will be held in Melbourne on the 16th and 17th of September 2020.

For more information please contact Stuart Swain at


Select Patient Blood Management on your subscription agreement and return by email to


A$5,450 (excl. GST) per group per facility.
Workshop attendance is A$415 per delegate

Key Dates & Timeline

24 May - Data specification distributed

21 June - Deadline for return of transfusion data

26 August - Jan - Dec 2019 reports available on website

9 September - Briefing materials distributed

16 – 17 September - Patient Blood Management Workshop – Melbourne

What do you need to do?

Designate a key liaison contact for questions and follow-up
Provide data on transfused units
Organise a delegation to attend the annual workshop
Present and share your innovation poster presentation
Track progress and report on current improvement projects

What does The Health Roundtable do?

Collate your data
Produce your reports highlighting your PBM performance
Facilitate the Annual Workshop including expert speakers, data masterclass & assist in identifying and sharing innovative best practice
Enable you to identify your opportunities and success
Help develop your Aim Statement and improvement plan
Provide ongoing support around your data and reports

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