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  • Receive a detailed Integrated Care report, analysis and insights for your service
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  • Learn from other leading organisations across Australia and New Zealand
  • Share your successful innovation with peers
  • Develop tailored improvement action plans ready for implementation


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Sarah Brandt

Integrated Care

Whole of System Special Improvement Group

Integrated Care 2020: Identifying Patient Centred Solutions for Frequent Attenders

19-20 & 26-27 August 2020 – Webinar Series

                                                                                THE AUGUST WORKSHOP HAS BEEN CONVERTED TO A WEBINAR.

UPDATE: In response to the COVID-19 global pandemic, to protect our health workforce and acknowledge the service demands during these unprecedented times, components of this Integrated Care Improvement Group will be delivered virtually. Whilst this is an opportunity to explore and experiment with alternate delivery, we anticipate returning to the workshop model in the near future.

Our Integrated Care Improvement Group has been developed to meet an increasing need in healthcare — improving the care delivered across the whole of health system continuum, especially where the community and hospital settings intersect.

Our exclusive reports collect, measure and benchmark your data against Australia and New Zealand peers, highlighting key insights for your facility with a particular focus on avoidable admissions and presentations.

At our unique Integrated Care workshop, we’ll collaboratively use your report to highlight your opportunities, leverage best practices and develop an improvement & implementation plan for the next year. 

Integrating care is complex and requires a ‘Whole of System’ approach involving Primary Care, the Emergency Department, Inpatient and Outpatient teams.  Therefore, we strongly encourage a multi-disciplinary team attend our workshop.

The 2020 Integrated Care Improvement Group will continue the progress achieved in previous years by focussing on:

  • Management of ED frequent presenters and avoidable presentations
  • Implementation of Ambulance diversion pathways
  • Management of long-term chronic conditions
  • Implementation of Primary Care hospital avoidance programmes
  • Provision of urgent access to Primary Care
  • Improving Discharges and understanding Readmissions
  • Collaboration between each element in the Whole of System continuum

Specifically, the suite of benchmarking reports (produced annually) includes the following Integrated Care/Whole of System specific metrics:

  1. Episodes analysis by demographics
  2. Average ED presentations per person
  3. Average ED presentations Triage 4 & 5
  4. Analysis of Triage 4 & 5 by presentation time
  5. Top 5 Triage 4 & 5 diagnosis
  6. Inpatient ALoS and Long Stay bed days
  7. Readmission rates
  8. Bed days in the last 6 months of life
  9. Above metrics are analysed by multiple chronic conditions, Cancer, Frailty and Mental Health conditions

Additional analysis can also be presented from the Health District/Hospital, PHO/PHN and General Practice perspective.

The Integrated Care Workshop is an exciting and unique event to:

  • Learn how to analyse the Integrated Care reports data
  • Identify your organisations opportunities to improve, utilising the expert HRT team
  • Celebrate where your teams are exemplars
  • Listen to leading experts in Integrated Care
  • Share your innovations to the membership across Australia and New Zealand
  • Create a tailored implementation plan for your organisation using HRT successful methodology

What do you need to do?

  1. Confirm your subscription to HRT2011.
  2. Designate a liaison representative as a key contact for this group.
  3. Provide two additional data fields from your practice management system and submit some additional pre-meeting information.
  4. Organise a delegation to attend the annual meeting—ideally 3 or more delegates, one of which must be from a PHO/PHN.
  5. Identify your key innovation to share at the annual meeting.
  6. Regularly review and analyse your reports, identify your opportunities and celebrate your success with your team.

What does The Health Roundtable do?

  • Collect and process your Integrated Care data.
  • Merge Integrated Care data with inpatient episode data to provide a unique suite of comparative reports.
  • Facilitate the annual meeting to analyse your data, identify innovative practices and encourage action to improve the Integrated Care patient journey.
  • Provide ongoing support around your data and reports


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