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  • Receive our exclusive reports highlighting your success and opportunities
  • Benchmark with your peers to understand how your sub-acute services compare 
  • Insight into your Subacute patients care, coding and costing
  • Share your successful innovations with your colleagues
  • Listen to Subacute Care experts to solve your issues
  • Develop practical implementation plans to improve your service


Select Improvement Group Subacute & Rehab Services on your Member Subscription and return by email to

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A$5,450 (excl. GST) per group per facility (PDF Reports)

Workshop attendence is A$415 per delegate

A$8,250 (excl. GST) per group per facility (Online Analytical Platform-Insights).

Workshop attendence is A$495 per delegate

Timeline and key dates

15th April 2020
Jan - Dec 2019 reports on our website

28 September 2020 
July 2019 - June 2020 reports on our website

28 September 2020
Briefing packages distributed to our members

7 - 8 October 2020 
Subacute Care Workshop - Adelaide

2021 Dates & Timelines will be released soon

2020 Subacute Care Brochure to be released soon

Subacute Care Improvement Group

Sub Acute Care Improvement Group



7 & 8 October 2020, Adelaide 

Meeting Code HRT2018

The Subacute Care Improvement Group aims to improve the provision of high-quality Subacute Care through tailored data analysis focussing on Rehabilitation, Geriatric Evaluation Management (GEM), Maintenance and Pyschogeriatric Care.

Our exclusive reports highlight key insights for your facility and our unique workshops create collaboration and innovation sharing of best practice across Australia and New Zealand members.

After our workshop you will have analysed your data, highlighted an opportunity, leveraged best practice and have an implementation plan ready to present to the workshop the following year.

The Subacute Care Improvement Group is dedicated to connecting data and service providers across Australia and New Zealand to ensure the delivery of the right care to the right people at the right time.

The 2020 Subacute Improvement Group will continue the successful progress made in previous years by:

  1. Collecting and benchmarking a consistent and complete data set of SNAP coded patient data
  2. Developing specific Subacute benchmarking reports that focus on quality, safe and efficient patient care
  3. Measuring and benchmarking performance across the total Subacute patient journey including ED, Acute, Subacute and Outpatient Care
  4. Analysing the reports to identify unique insights for your organisation
  5. Learning from highly regarded Subacute leaders on key topics to improve your Subacute Care
  6. Sharing and collaborating best practice models of care from your organisation

The Subacute Workshop is an exciting and unique event to:

  1. Learn how to analyse the Subacute report data
  2. Identify your organisations opportunities to improve
  3. Celebrate where your teams are exemplars
  4. Listen to leading experts in Subacute Care
  5. Share your innovations to the membership across Australia and New Zealand. 

Subacute Care Benchmarking Reports
Specifically the suite of benchmarking reports includes the following Subacute specific reports produced 6 monthly: 

  1. SNAP Top 10 codes 
  2. SNAP Inpatient Briefings 
  3. SNAP Inpatient Specialty Briefings 
  4. Subacute Inpatient Briefings Care Type 
  5. Hospital Acquired Complications Report – Subacute Services 
  6. Major Complications Analysis
  7. CHADx Analysis
  8. Subacute National Standards
  9. Feed In Subacute Reports 
  10. Subacute Pivot Analysis 
  11. All Care Type Analysis
Important: In 2021 the Sub Acute Reports are transitioning to our online analytical platform called Insights. See below example images from the Emergency & Imaging Insights platform. For a custom tour of the benefits of Sub Acute Insights, please contact Ben Wakeling. 

Join this growing group and share your wisdom as well as gaining new knowledge from your peers.

The 2020 Subacute Care Improvement Group Workshop will be held in Adelaide on the 7th and 8th of October 2020.

For more information please contact Ben Wakeling at or on 0468993080.

What do you need to do?

1.    Subscribe to the Subacute Care Improvement Group 

2.    Nominate a key liaison to Health Roundtable for Subacute Care

3.    Submit your SNAP coded patient data

4.    Attend the Annual Subacute Care Workshop with your team

5.    Present your latest Subacute Care innovation at the Workshop

6.    Develop your Aim Statement and improvement plan

7.    Regularly review and analyse your reports, identify your opportunities and celebrate your success with your team

What does The Health Roundtable do?

1.    Collate your data

2.    Produce your reports highlighting Subacute performance within the total patient journey

3.    Facilitate the Annual Workshop including expert speakers, data masterclass and assist in identifying and sharing innovative best practice

4.    Enable you to identify your opportunities and success

5.    Help develop your Aim Statement and improvement plan

6.    Provide ongoing support around your data and reports


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