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Why Participate?

  1. Receive our exclusive HRT Insights analytical dashboard highlighting your success and opportunities
  2. Benchmark with your peers to identify high/low cost and revenue generating services
  3. Identify specific cost variations at hospital, speciality, diagnosis, ward and patient level
  4. Insight into the financial opportunity of quality & safe patient care
  5. Share your successful innovations with your colleagues
  6. Listen to healthcare finance experts to solve your issues
  7. Develop practical implementation plans to improve your service



Select Finance & Costing Improvement Group (Optional Activity B1) on your subscription agreement and return by email to or contact Ben Wakeling at or on 0468993080


$A8,250 (excl. GST) per facility (HRT Insights Platform).
Individual delegate venue fees are billed separately.

Timeline and key dates

Timeline and key dates

30 November 2020
2019/20 Data due

12 March 2021
Final 2019/20 online dashboard released to members

Late March 2021
Finance & Costing Workshop

The Finance & Costing brochure will be available soon.

Finance and Costing Improvement Group

Financial Performance Improvement Group

Finance & Costing Improvement Group 2019
Virtual Webinar was completed on 25-26 March 2020.

All meeting materials including reports, presentation video recordings and presentation slides are available to all members on our website HERE.
Keynote presenters were:

  • James Downie, CEO IHPA, ‘IHPA 2020 update including COVID codes’
  • Rhonda Kerr, Health Facilities Planner, ‘Efficient use of Capital Funds’

If you have any questions please contact Ben Wakeling at or on 0468993080.


Finance & Costing Improvement Group 2020
Meeting Code HRT2002


The Health Roundtable Finance & Costing Improvement Group aims to maximise the utility and timeliness of peer, patient cost and NWAU revenue comparisons in the pursuit of efficient, safe and high quality patient care.
Activity Based Funding is the primary Commonwealth Hospital funding mechanism and cost and NWAU revenue improvement opportunities are a high priority for all Hospitals and Health Services.
The Health Roundtable provides the most in-depth cost and NWAU revenue analysis with peer comparisons in Australia.

Importantly in 2020, the Finance & Costing Improvement Group reports will be transitioned from static PDF’s to the analytical freedom and flexibility of our HRT Insights platform providing increased user functionality and experience. The HRT Insights platform retains PDF & Excel exporting capability. For a demonstration of the benefits of the HRT Insights platform please contact Ben Wakeling at or on 0468993080.

The Finance & Costing Improvement Group for 2020 will collect, analyse and report through the cost comparisons for financial year 2019/20.

The HRT Insights analysis provides high level Executive Briefings, linked analysis to the National Standards and a detailed segmented analysis of important quality and safety KPI’s and individual hospital divisions including:

  1. Hospital Acquired Complications (HAC)
  2. Readmissions
  3. Extended length of stays
  4. Emergency
  5. Acute Inpatients
  6. Mental Health
  7. Subacute Care (GEM, Rehab, Maintenance, Palliative)
  8. Outpatient services.


We then benchmark your costs and NWAU revenues with your peers at a hospital, department, diagnosis and individual level highlighting your profit and loss using your own NWAU units and subsequent savings opportunities.

The Finance & Costing Workshop is an exciting and unique event to:

  1. Learn how to analyse the Finance & Costing report data
  2. Identify your organisations opportunities to improve
  3. Celebrate where your teams are exemplars
  4. Listen to leading experts in Healthcare finance, costing and revenue management
  5. Share your innovations to the membership across Australia and New Zealand. 


Join this large group and share your wisdom as well as gaining new knowledge from your peers.

The 2020 Finance & Costing Improvement Group Workshop location and date will be updated closer to time (Please note this groups meets in early 2021).

For more information please contact Ben Wakeling at or on 0468993080

What do you need to do?
  1. Subscribe to the Finance & Costing Improvement Group
  2. Nominate a key liaison to Health Roundtable for Finance & Costing
  3. Provide your costing system data
  4. Regularly review, analyse and promote the use of the Finance & Costing reports in your health service
  5. Attend the annual Improvement Group Workshop
  6. Present your latest innovation at the workshop
  7. Develop your aim statement and improvement plan
 What does The Health Roundtable do?
  1. Collects and processes your costing data
  2. Provides your benchmarked data on our HRT Insights analytical platform
  3. Helps you identify good practice exemplars in effective financial management
  4. Provides advice and education on all aspects of activity-based funding and costing and its application in your health service


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