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Finances Squeezed? Here are four ways Health Roundtable can help


Recent media reports suggest that a reduction in health funding is a real possibility in Australia this year. Many hospitals are already struggling to realise adequate revenue for increasingly complex patients in our health systems. There are many ways to balance the books. As your organisation is a Health Roundtable member, here are four ways that we can help you do just that:



Code Check: Minimise the risk of handing funding back

Code Check can help you to meet your activity targets by auditing your clinical coding to ensure you accurately represent the volume and complexity of your service delivery. Code Check gives you actionable intelligence reporting. Rachel Plumbe can give you a complimentary sample of 10 'minimal effort' episodes of your coded data and then consider how a monthly subscription, which may yield up to 25:1 return on your investment, could address the financial pressure.

HRT Insights: Empowering you to gain knowledge through insight

Understanding service delivery in your hospital is valuable; being able to compare with closely matched peers is priceless. Health Roundtable's online analytic tool HRT Insights enables you to drill down in the detail in a number of key performance indicators for your own hospital and your peers. It also empowers you to conduct your own benchmarking analysis and to generate insights and discussions in one place. Jovin Synott will be happy to set up a demonstration for you and your team.

Executive briefing from your Health Roundtable Client Manager: The experienced consultant who is already a part of your team

Health Roundtable CRMs are familiar with your data, your context and your peers. They are able to visit you and your team on-site or by webinar and not only show you opportunities for service improvement but also share innovations from other Health Roundtable members to help you change knowledge into action. 

Financial Improvement Group: Networking and collaboration in a learning environment

This group provides you with an opportunity to explore costing data from fellow member hospitals across Australia. The key aim is to share issues emerging from your data plus solutions and innovations from your peers. If you would like more information you can contact Ben Wakeling who leads the improvement group.

Let's work together to add value to your organisation, improve service delivery and ensure Health Roundtable supports you ease the financial squeeze.

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