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HRT Insights


Key Features

Data Integration: HRT INSIGHTS ensures that robust data from multiple data sources is appropriately leveraged to produce the most meaningful analytics. Your casemix data is thoughtfully blended to produce analytics that provide control and knowledge throughout the organisation.
Ease of Use: Visually driven, with simple user interaction, and drill-down ability, users can quickly understand the objective, the opportunity and the answer to any question they may need to answer.
Investigative: Reporting is obsolete. Stakeholders must be empowered to understand, research, and investigate areas where meaningful change can be achieved. Analytics does this through its dynamic “top down” approach to analytics that provides summary level answers and record-specific information in the same view.
Insights Hub: Change your hats. Go from visualising performance to instigating real clinical improvements, by using the Insights application to drive collaboration with colleagues, float ideas or flag concerns.
On-the-go-collaboration: either email colleagues with insights for their attention or utilise the in-platform channels when deeper investigation is required.
Provides a mechanism for performance improvement accountability in line with your organisation’s clinical governance framework.



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