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The Health Roundtable Member Portal and Website is exclusively available for employees of Health Services who have purchased a current Health Roundtable Membership.

To request access to the Member Portal and Website, you will need to complete the registration form below and agree to the conditions of use. All requests will be reviewed and responded to within seven working days. In certain circumstances, more information may be required from our Personal Members before access is granted. In these instances, Health Roundtable reserves the right to withhold access to the portal until eligibility is confirmed.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact us.

Conditions of Use

The Health Roundtable confidentially collects and analyses a wide range of information from its Member Hospitals who agree to share it with other Members who are bound by the conditions in the Health Roundtable Honour Code. As such, all requests to access the Member Portal and Website will need to be reviewed and, in certain circumstances, validated by the Health Service’s Health Roundtable Personal Member, usually the CEO or delegate.

The Health Roundtable monitors the website usage of each account holder and reports this to member organisations on request. The Health Roundtable reserves the right to limit or revoke access to the Member Portal if the user is not an employee of a Health Roundtable Member or if they violate the terms of the Honour Code.

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