Hospital in the Home

Why Participate?

  • Improve patient outcomes and satisfaction

  • Reduce harm to vulnerable patients

  • Increase bed capacity without capital

  • Reduce bed block

  • Develop practical action plans to improve your service over the next year


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$A5,000 (plus GST) for first facility in your network $A4,000 for each additional facility.
Individual delegate venue fees are billed separately.

Improvement Group Name

Improving Hospital In The Home

6-7 September 2017 - Brisbane
Meeting Code HRT1724

The theme for 2017 for Hospital in the Home Services is improving Governance, increasing utilisation and scope.

For many years health systems have recognised the need to deliver acute care in the home as an alternative to care in a hospital setting. 79 of the 185 member facilities of The Health Roundtable deliver Hospital in the Home services, however, there is considerable variation in utilisation of HITH amongst current providers. The Roundtable has developed benchmarking for utilisation. Services can review the gap in their HITH referrals against similar services and share innovations to improve. There is an increasing confidence to care for highly complex patients who have long stays as well as simple acute care for example cellulitis.

Time for a rethink! Is your hospital making the best use of acute facilities?
With the increasing sophistication and use of telehealth and remote monitoring, there are substantial opportunities to provide efficient and safer medical services to patients in their home or nursing home.

Existing HITH Services
By comparing your service with the exemplars for each of the top 20 principle diagnosis associated with HITH admissions, it is possible to calculate the capacity to improve and set realistic goals for your service. The Health Roundtable will use the most recent data to:

  • Quantify potential episodes suitable for HITH admissions
  • Quantify bedday savings by improving HITH utilisation and set goals
  • Benchmark Length of Stay of HITH episodes with non HITH Episodes
  • Benchmark Length of Stay of HITH episodes (Hospital component and HITH component)
  • Benchmark 28 day readmissions after an episode with HITH

For New HITH Services
Take this opportunity to learn from established services and set realistic goals. Share important innovations and develop peer networks that will help you implement HITH services in your facility.

Who should participate?
  • This Roundtable is intended to share "good practice" ideas and innovations for HITH services.
  • Ideally, a cross-disciplinary team of those who are interested in improving HITH.
  • You may bring up to five people per health service.
What does The Health Roundtable do?
  • Work with experts to identify key trends and innovations.
  • Survey participating health services for innovative practices.
  • Collate and analyse results.
  • Summarise the meeting and circulate all presentations.

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