Patient Safety

Why Participate?

  • Identify and share “Good Practice” techniques to reduce harm

  • Compare with peer hospitals on risk-adjusted adverse event data

  • Compare notes on how to make sustainable improvements in patient safety

  • Develop Action Plans to make specific improvements over the next 12 months


Select Optional Activity B7 on your subscription agreement and return by email to


$A5,000 (plus GST) for first facility in your network $A4,000 for each additional facility.
Individual delegate venue fees are billed separately.

Timeline and key dates

20 September 2017
Pre-meeting survey distributed

1 November 2017
Deadline for return of pre-meeting surveys

22 November 2017
Briefing materials and reports on website

29-30 November 2017
Patient Safety Workshop - Brisbane


Patient Safety Improvement Group

Patient Safety Improvement Group

29-30 November 2017 - Brisbane
Meeting Code HRT1718

Members of the Patient Safety Improvement Group meet annually to share ideas and innovations that focus on improving the safety and quality of care within their health services. They monitor progress against the Health Roundtable Patient Safety Checklist and share information on the latest patient safety and quality initiatives.

Safe and reliable person centred care requires a culture of safety where leaders drive effective teamwork. There needs to be a visible process of continuous learning creating reliable standards, measurement and transparency.

At the workshop members will share experiences and information on implementing innovative and effective practices and review results from the Patient Safety report that is provided 6-monthly.

In 2016 a new format for the patient safety reports was presented that allowed the group members to compare with peers and all hospitals in The Roundtable. The example above shows the risk adjusted SMR for acute myocardial infarction. The report has been streamlined to include the data, raw and risk adjusted, as well as the two year rolling trend analysis on the same page.

Episode viewers, above, allow you to review an individual patient's episode history to share insights with your clinical teams.

What do you need to do?
  • Designate an executive sponsor as the key liaison for your health service to lead your patient safety work with The Health Roundtable.
  • Review definitions and updated reports for questions, comments, or issues.
  • Report progress on current Aim Statements and improvement plans.
  • Organise a multi-disciplinary team to attend the annual workshop—up to four people.
  • Identify an improvement objective for implementation based on innovative ideas learnt at the workshop, and track progress.
What does The Health Roundtable do?
  • Work with key patient safety contacts to organise the annual meeting including designing and reporting back the results from a member survey.
  • Invite expert speakers who share innovative ideas on the key topic for the workshop.
  • Facilitate the annual meeting, and provide a summary report based on the discussions.
  • Produce reports extracting data from the inpatient episode collection, highlighting trends and differences in performance.
  • Provide phone and webcast support to all members to assist with data interpretation.

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