Why Participate?

  • Learn how to use your HRT maternity reports to guide and monitor service improvement

  • Learn how other organisations are providing safe maternity care

  • Track clinical and operational trends on key maternity indicators

  • Compare notes with peers on key issues and innovations in maternal care

  • Develop action plans to improve maternal care


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$A5,250 (excl. GST) per group per facility.
Individual delegate venue fees are billed separately.

Timeline and key dates

4 Feb 2019
Data submission deadline

25 March 2019
Maternity data reports on website
16 April 2019

Pre-collaborative event survey circulated

30 April 2019
Pre-collaborative event surveys returned

13 May 2019
Briefing packages distributed to members

29th & 30th May 2019
Maternity Workshop - Adelaide

The Maternity Improvement Group

Maternity Service Improvement Group

The Maternity Improvement Group's 2019 programme is being developed and will focus on "Effective care for women identified as 'at risk' during their pregnancy" and its impact on the woman's experience, birth outcomes and the impact on provision of hospital services.  The Health Round Table data demonstrates a steady increase in proportion of pregnant women identified as having some level of risk. The most recent data places this proportion at 60%.

We will consider your own hospital data and Health Round Table data along with innovations to explore the following in more detail"

  • the risk profiles of pregnant women in the 2018 cohort.
  • How we can manage the risk and enable a healthy pregnancy outcome
  • The impact on the maternity workforce will also be explored including models of care that have been adapted to meet this demand.
What do you need to do in preparation for your 2019 membership?
  • Complete the subscription form for 2019
  • Designate a maternity liaison representative to act as a key contact with The HRT collaborative may 2019 event organiser
  • Review definitions and updated reports for questions, comments, or issues to be discussed at the collaborative event.
  • Organise a delegation to attend the annual 2 day meeting on 29th & 30th May 2019 in Adelaide.
  • Identify one innovation from your service to present to colleagues at the meeting.
  • Work with colleagues to identify one potential service innovation to explore.
What does The Health Roundtable do?
  • Produces reports extracting data from the inpatient episode collection, highlighting trends and differences in performance.
  • Provides 'ad hoc' reports for members, on specific sets of indicators.
  • Enables the development of customised benchmarking reports. 
  • Works with key maternity contacts to organise an annual collaborative event and any special survey materials.
  • Facilitates the annual collaborative event and provides a summary report based on the discussions.
  • Provides phone and webcast support to all members to assist with data interpretation.
GM Health Round Table Dr Gail Prileszky
with the Innovation Poster winning team

Attendees at the 2018 maternity Improvement Group
meeting in Brisbane

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