Why Participate?

  • Identify good performers in key areas and learn from their practices

  • Compare local practices with the latest Australasian and worldwide trends 

  • Share issues and innovations with your colleagues 

  • Develop practical action plans to improve your service over the next year


Select Optional Activity B3 on your subscription agreement and return by email to


$A5,250 (excl. GST) per group per facility.
Individual delegate venue fees are billed separately.

Timeline and Key Dates

2 February 2018
RIS submission deadline for 2016/17

25 April 2018
2016/17 Imaging reports on website

2 May 2018
Pre-meeting Briefing package

9-10 May 2018
Imaging Workshop - Brisbane

Imaging Improvement Group

Imaging Improvement Group

9-10 May 2018 - Brisbane
Meeting Code HRT1807

Members of the group will link benchmarking and innovation to drive efficient Imaging performance. The Imaging benchmarking reports will be used to validate good practices and process improvements, but also to assist teams in identifying areas to monitor.

Members of the group provide detailed activity data for each patient encounter for comparative analysis by The Health Roundtable. This is merged with inpatient and ED episode data to provide additional insights. The annual Imaging Improvement Group workshop will provide time to discuss contemporary issues and innovative practices to improve your Imaging service.

HRT will continue to provide our new executive summary report allowing you to see at a glance how your imaging department compares with other members across key modalities and performance measures.

What do you need to do?
  • Designate an imaging liaison representative as a key contact for this group.
  • Extract “RIS” imaging data for your health service and submit as requested. 
  • Organise a multi-discliplinary imaging team of up to 4 people to attend the Group meeting
  • Identify an improvement innovation and share progress with other member health services.
What does The Health Roundtable do?
  • Work with key liaison contacts to plan the annual meeting.
  • Analyse RIS data to provide key comparisons amongst participants.
  • Provide reports comparing the timeliness and cost effectiveness of imaging services by modality and DRG
  • Facilitate the annual meeting to identify innovative practices and track progress on action plans.

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