Why Participate?

  • Access our exclusive online analytical dashboard allowing for deep drilldowns
  • Benchmark with your Australasian peers to understand how your Imaging service compares 
  • Insight into your Imaging Services access, quality and value
  • Receive our exclusive reports highlighting your success and opportunities
  • Share your successful innovations with your colleagues
  • Listen to Imaging & Diagnostic experts to solve your issues
  • Develop practical implementation plans to improve your service


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For more information please contact:

Steve Bickford at or Ph: +61418 638 770.



$A8,250 (excl. GST) per group per facility.
Individual delegate venue fees are billed separately.


Timeline and Key Dates

22 May 2020
Submission deadline for Jan 2019 to Mar 2020 data

27 May 2020-Webinar 1
Hot Topics 1-Frontline Experience at NHS Nightingale

7 August 2020
2019 Imaging reports on website

13th August 2020-Webinar 2
Imaging Innovations: Sharing Pandemic Learnings

2nd September 2020-Webinar 3
Imaging Data Presentation

The 2020 Medical Imaging Improvement Group Brochure will be available soon. 

For any questions, please contact Steve Bickford at

Imaging Improvement Group

Imaging Improvement Group

Imaging & Diagnostic Services Improvement Insights Group

Meeting Code HRT2010


Mindful of the current situation with COVID-19, we are providing a series of no cost webinars in place of the face to face workshop. We encourage you and your colleagues to participate.  

Webinar 1: Imaging IG Hot Topics 1 

Theme: Frontline experience at NHS Nightingale 
When: Wednesday 27 May 2020 3:00-4:00pm (Sydney Time) 

  • Frontline experience – Radiography (20min + 10min Q&A)  Alexandra Cook, Lead Radiographer, NHS Nightingale 
  • Frontline experience – Radiology (10min)  Dr Conrad von Stemple, Lead Radiologist, NHS Nightingale 
  • HRT Insights preview (10min)  Steve Bickford, Program Lead Imaging & Diagnostics 


Webinar 2: Imaging IG Hot Topics 2 

Theme: Sharing the learnings from our pandemic planning/response 
When: 13 August 12.30-2:00pm (Sydney Time) 

  • Sharing the learnings from multiple HRT members (10 min with 5min Q&A) 
  • ​Did you come up with anything innovative, were there some unexpected learnings along the way, will you change an existing process based on this experience? 
  • Members to present a 3min pitch sharing their experience and will nominate a theme for their presentation from the list below:  


Webinar 3: Imaging Data Presentation  

When: Converted to bespoke data briefings to each member site due to high COVID-related workloads and an opportunity to combine data analysis with training on the Insights analytics tool.

“The Imaging Insights Data has been really helpful in crafting business cases and identifying, in detail, the areas of performance which are tracking well and those which require more attention.   Austin Radiology recently used the Imaging Insights Data to support a business case for more EFT, demonstrating where in the patient journey the delays are and justifying the need for additional resourcing.  The data has also been helpful in demonstrating Austin Radiology’s very valuable support of Austin ED as they try to identify opportunities for improvement of NEAT.”

  • Dr Natalie Yang
  • Director of Radiology
  • Austin Health

The 2020 Imaging and Diagnostic Services Improvement Insights Group has enhanced features that will change the way you analyse your data.

In 2020, our exclusive reports will be transitioned onto our ‘Insights’ platform. This will continue measuring the same metrics of Access, Safety and Value, alongside additional analysis and a much deeper drill down highlighting key insights into your facility including variation and exemplars.

The new platform will continue to benchmark against your Australian and New Zealand peers but allow for unlimited analytical flexibility.

Specifically, the Imaging and Diagnostic Services Improvement Insights includes, but is not limited to Modality analysis on the following:

  1. Exam Volume, Day & Time analysis
  2. Patient location breakdown
  3. Exam wait time analysis
  4. Modality milestones incl reporting
  5. % of exams not reported
  6. Imaging and ED KPI’s
  7. Diagnosis level trend analysis

Our unique Workshop creates collaboration and innovation sharing of best practice across Australia and New Zealand members.

After our Imaging and Diagnostic Workshop, you will have analysed your data, highlighted an opportunity, leveraged best practice and have an implementation plan ready to present to the workshop the following year.


What do you need to do?

  1. Designate an Imaging liaison representative as a key contact for this group
  2. Extract “RIS” Imaging data for your health service and submit to HRT as requested
  3. Organise a multi-disciplinary Imaging team to attend our unique workshop
  4. Identify your improvement innovation and share it with other member health services

What does The Health Roundtable do?

  1. Collaborate your key liaison contact to plan the annual meeting
  2. Collect and analyse the RIS data to provide key comparative insights amongst participants
  3. Provide our new Insights platform, comparing an unlimited deep dive into the Accessibility, Safety and Value of your Imaging Services
  4. Facilitate the annual workshop to identify innovative practices, integrate data and create action plans


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