Stranded Patient Program

Stranded Patient Program

This is a collaborative program to help you prevent and rescue “stranded” patients,  including an onsite visit to launch the program, two workshops and regular coaching throughout 2013 providing:

  • Learning from leading health services that have been developing and sharing ways to prevent and rescue stranded patients over recent years.  We will be learning more about their progress and building on their experience to help you kick-start your own “stranded patient program”

  • Expert assistance with data capture and measurement, to understand the true extent of the issue at your health service. Standard length of stay reports often mask the true stay of  patients as a result of statistical discharges.  We will also provide tools to identify the key risk factors that predict stranding, and uncover the root causes

  • Expert assistance with implementation including daily visual measurement, removing processing delays, and standardising work practices from our Lean Healthcare team

  • Expert assistance with change management issues – to help you make and sustain the system changes needed to improve care of your most complex and vulnerable patients

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