Patient Safety on Weekends

Improving patient safety at night & on weekends

How can you make your health services safer for patients on weekends and at night?
Health Roundtable mortality data indicates that emergency patients arriving on Saturdays and Sundays have a higher risk of

dying in hospital than those with similar conditions arriving during the week. Likewise, those arriving at night have higher risk of death than those arriving during the day.

This special Roundtable provides the opportunity to share innovations with leading health services that can help you provide more reliable care to all patients no matter what day of the week or time of day they arrive in hospital.

Health services will share information on how they manage their night and weekend work including:
  • rostering senior staff to support junior doctors and nurses
  • standardising clinical handover processes
  • identifying and managing patients at risk of deterioration
  • proactively managing and levelling clinical workloads at night
  • providing key support services 7-days a week

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