Why Participate?

  • Identify differences in patient outcomes that can be addressed by changing nursing care

  • Compare progress on key initiatives with other leading organisations

  • Evaluate linkages between staffing levels and patient care indicators

  • Develop action plans to improve nursing care 

Nursing Improvement Group

Nursing Improvement Group

The aim of the Nursing Improvement Group is to identify nursing practices that improve patient outcomes and ensure a stable and productive nursing workforce. The Group compares nursing-related patient outcomes on a variety of indicators extracted from inpatient episode data, including falls and pressure injuries.

What do you need to do?
  • Designate a nursing liaison representative to coordinate communications including data and survey submissions, definitions, practices, and policies.
  • Participate actively in the virtual webinars. 
  • Identify an innovative idea for implementation to improve patient outcomes.
  • Organise a delegation of up to four people to attend the virtual webinars.
The Health Roundtable assists by:
  • Extracting casemix-adjusted patient outcome indicators from existing data collections for participating health services.
  • Organising external speakers who can provide innovative ideas to improve nursing practice or patient outcomes on the selected topic.
  • Facilitating webinars on data and innovation sharing. 
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