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  • Get faster traction on key redesign projects by working with other major centres in Australia and NZ


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1st January
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1st March
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20th March
Global Group meeting (Melbourne)
1st August
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28th & 29th August
Global Group workshop

Global Innovation Group

In 2014 the Global Innovation Group’s will continue its focus on reducing variation in patient care in our mutual quest to become High Performing Organisations.

In 2013, the Group’s members agreed to embark on key projects to reduce variation in:

  • Patient blood management

  • Management of patients with fractured hips

  • Care of patients with ischaemic stroke

  • Care of patients with acute myocardial infarctions

Several members also surveyed their levels of Medical Engagement to identify opportunities for improvement, using tools developed by Professor Peter Spurgeon in the UK.

We also began monthly collaboration with a group of UK hospitals coordinated by University Hospitals Birmingham to identify differences in practice, and to access an exciting new online reporting tool.  The group is expanding in 2014 to include US hospitals and more from Europe.  

Our first meeting on 20 March 2014 will provide the opportunity to review progress on each of these projects, and to set the agenda for our major meeting to be held on 28-29 August in Sydney.  We will explore options for Senior Executive Training and study tours in Australasia and overseas using linkages with Intermountain Health Care, Rush University, University Healthsystem Consortium and other organisations.

20 March 2014 Keynote Speaker
Dr Vivian Lee 

(CEO, University of Utah Health Care, and Dean of the School of Medicine, and Radiologist, PhD in Medical Engineering from Oxford University, MBA.). 

Dr Lee will provide insights on the redesign of health care being implemented in Utah, where she manages a $2.3 billion healthcare system including a cancer institute, 10 neighborhood health centers.

Dr Lee has launched a major program in Utah — Five Algorithms for Innovation in the search for solutions to impossible problems:

  • Tackle Inefficiency

  • Know your costs

  • Redefine tenure

  • Work in Teams

  • Learn to Share

University of Utah Health Care
ranks as one of the top 10 academic medical centres in the USA,       according to the University Healthsystem Consortium rankings for Quality and Accountability 2013.

What do you need to do?
  • Designate an executive liaison representative as a key contact for this group.
  • Select one or more Variation Reduction Projects for implementation, measuring your existing practice variation and implementing improvement actions
  • based on international best practice
  • Participate in our March and August meetings by sharing your progress on chosen initiatives
  • Identify additional projects of interest to leading academic medical centres across Australia and New Zealand
What does The Health Roundtable do?
  • Work with key liaison contacts to plan the group meetings, the topics of interest and the annual meetings.
  • Contact leading organisations internationally to arrange visits by leading clinicians and executives to share their insights
  • Identify additional tools to assist with diagnosis of issues (e.g. Medical Engagement Scale)
  • Identify additional data reporting tools to assist with international comparisons

Optional HED Monthly Data Tool

Eight hospitals are currently taking part in monthly data collection, providing the ability to view, analyse and compare hospitals here and iin the UK via an interactive online tool. 

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