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Safely@Home: Hyperemesis Gravidarum HITH Pathway

Winners of the 2017 Innovations Awards: Congratulations Alfred Health, Vic

Winners of the 2017 Innovations Awards: Congratulations Royal Perth Hospital

Winners of the 2017 Innovations Awards: Congratulations Western Health, Vic

Internal ABF Budget Model at Central Coast LHD Improves Budgeting Process

EPIC Electronic Medical Record provides Costing Benefits to Royal Children’s Hospital (VIC)

Bunbury Regional Hospital Reduces ALOS for Respiratory Illnesses

Redland Hospital Reduces Hospital ED presentation

TEDI (Timely Emergency Decisions and Interventions) Improves NEAT Performance

Using Telehealth (and iPADs) to Improve HITH Care

Changes to Care Improve Post-Partum Haemorrhage (PPH) Rates at West Gippsland

Strategies for Addressing Lengthy Waiting Lists at Logan Hospital Reduces Wait Times for Endoscopies

Patient Blood Management: The evidence for benefits!

Alfred Health Develops GEM at Home Program to Reduce Acute Admissions and Improve Patient Experience

Canberra Hospital Reduces ALOS by Developing an Acute Subacute Early Rehabilitation Service

Nambour Hospital’s Cognitive Assessment Unit Facilitates Contentment through Meaningful Activity

Implementation of Early In-reach Rehabilitation at Gold Coast’s Tertiary Referral Centre Reduces LOS

At Flinders Medical Centre Allied Health Weekend Services Improves Average LOS

At Royal Adelaide and Queen Elizabeth an Increase in Allied Health Staff = Decreased Length of Stay

A Multipronged Approach to Optimising Theatre Utilisation has Improved Minute Utilisation by 10%

Enhanced Recovery After Arthroplasty Surgery has Resulted in Bed Day Savings and Improved Throughput

Decision Support in Theatre Scheduling Improves Throughput and Planned vs Actual

Sir Charles Gairdner Improves Incident Reporting Process by Enhancing Access to Electronic Reporting

West Moreton Uses Daily Safety Briefing to Improve Communication and Avert Serious Events

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