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Sub-acute & Rehab Services Improvement Group 20 & 21 November 2019


Wednesday, 20 November 2019 - Thursday, 21 November 2019

Meeting Code

Rydges Southbank
9 Glenelg St
South Brisbane

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Pam O'Nions

The Subacute group resolved to focus their meetings, analysis and report development on the Rehabilitation and GEM streams. From a benchmarking viewpoint, the Health Roundtable has been working to develop a Subacute suite of reports to enable peer comparison and performance analysis, based on data, which is comparable to the level of analysis provided for acute admitted patients. The Health Roundtable acute patient reports have evolved and matured over the past 20 years, whereas Subacute reporting is continuing to evolve.

We would like to invite your Health service to participate in our 2019 meeting on November 20 & 21 in Brisbane, the theme of which is “right place, right people, right care”. to discuss members success and challenges in sub-acute care and leave inspired and with ideas and an action plan to improve quality patient outcomes.

2019 Guest speakers:

A/Prof Gideon Caplan Director Post-Acute Care Services and Geriatric Medicine, The Prince of Wales Hospital. Gideon will present the background and preliminary findings related to Intranasal insulin for the management of delirium in patients over 65 years old.

Prof Tim Geraghty, Medical Chair, Division of Rehabilitation, Metro South Health and Deputy Director, The Hopkins Centre: Research for Rehabilitation and Resilience. Tim will present the 2019 Standards for the provision of Inpatient Adult Rehabilitation Medicine Services in Public and Private Hospitals.

Dr Amelia Crabtree, Consultant Geriatrician, Alfred Health. Dr Seuss meets #endPJ paralysis, Amelia will present her patient information book “Get dressed, Get moving, Get better!”

The suite of subacute reports (mainly Rehab and GEM) cover:

  • SNAP Top 10 codes
  • SNAP Inpatient Briefings
  • SNAP Inpatient Specialty Briefings
  • Subacute Inpatient Briefings Care Type
  • Hospital Acquired Complications Report – Subacute Services
  • Major Complications Analysis
  • CHADx Analysis
  • Subacute National Standards
  • Feed In Subacute Reports
  • Subacute Pivot Analysis
  • All Care Type Analysis

It is hoped though that the information contained in the Subacute Care benchmarking reports will be a useful tool for understanding subacute services within your organisation and how it compares to others.

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Day 1 – Wednesday 20th November 2019

8.30 – 9.00am

Registration (Arrival Tea and Coffee)

9.00 – 9.45am

Welcome and Introductions

9.45 – 10.30am

INSIGHTS– Identifying the critical issues

Presentation of Briefing data and Reports

A review of the benchmarked subacute Care reports from across the membership with a discussion of trends and exemplars.

10.30 – 11.00am

Morning Tea

11.00 – 12.45pm


Standards for the provision of Inpatient Adult Rehabilitation Medicine Services in Public and Private Hospitals

Prof Tim Geraghty

Rehabilitation Medicine Physician and Medical Chair, Division of Rehabilitation, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Metro South Health

INSIGHTS – Identifying the critical issues

What are the burning issues for my hospital / network / DHB

What has been identified from the morning’s presentations

12.45 – 1.30pm


1.30 – 2.45pm


Get dressed, Get moving, Get better!

Dr Amelia Crabtree

Consultant Geriatrician, Alfred Health

Innovation Poster Presentations

Each organisation to highlight one or more innovations undertaken in the last 12 months.

2.45 – 3.00pm

Afternoon Tea

3.00 – 3.30pm

INNOVATION– Top 3 Voted Innovation Posters

More detailed presentations of selected posters with discussion and questions.

3.30 – 4.30pm

COLLABORATION – Current state

Deciding how transformational change can occur and develop a clear picture of the ley issue/problem to address


Day 1 summary and close

Walk around Gallery Viewing of Current State Pictures


Networking refreshments and canapes + Walk around gallery viewing of current state pictures


Group Dinner (Optional)

Day 2 – Thursday 21st November 2019


Arrival Tea and Coffee

9.00 – 10.30am

Welcome and reflections from day one –

Innovations from around The Health Roundtable

INSIGHTS – Developing the burning platform for change

Intranasal insulin for the management of delirium in patients over 65 years old; background and preliminary findings

A/Prof Gideon Caplan

Director of Post Acute Care Services and Director of Geriatric Medicine at Prince of Wales Hospital and a Conjoint Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. 

10.30 – 11.00am

Morning Tea

11.00 - 12.30pm


Data Drill Down – specific small group discussions on specific sub-acute indicators and how to improve performance

12.30 – 1.15pm


1.45 – 2.15pm


Identifying and addressing Key issues in relation to “navigating the subacute system within the hospital and the community”

2.15 – 3.15pm


Team Action Planning: Work within your Subacute Care team to refine the Aim Statement and Action Plan for the upcoming year using local knowledge and inspiration from two days with your peers.

Teams will briefly present their plans to the group for general improvement / discussion / suggestions by other teams.

Teams will access the App to input Action Plan.

3.15 – 3.30pm

Determine 2019 Aim statements and 2020 workshop theme


Meeting Ends for 2018

Rydges South Bank is offering from $259 per night.
Delegates can make bookings by contacting the hotel reservations team directly on +61 7 3364 0800 or

In order to receive the group rate, advise reservations you are attending the HRT Subacute & Rehab Services event or quote the group code 1910HRTSUB

This rate will end and unsold rooms released at 30 days prior to event date. This will be Friday 18th October.
Bookings after this time will be subject to availability.