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The Health Roundtable collects and analyses a wide range of information from its member hospitals who agree to share the information with each other on two conditions:

1) That no information is used to the detriment of another member

2) That no publication or release of the information is made to any non-member without the unanimous consent of all those who provided the information.

Any breach of these conditions by a member organisation may result in the termination of the organisation's membership in The Health Roundtable, and the forfeiture of fees paid, as well as other legal remedies available. All employees of member health services who agree to abide by these conditions are eligible to have access to Health Roundtable reports and analyses. The Health Roundtable monitors website usage of each account holder and reports this to member organisations on request. By registering here you are confirming your agreement to these terms. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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