Why Participate?

  • Identify "exemplar performers" in the design and utilization of pathology services

  • Learn how the exemplars are continuing to add value to the patient journey at less cost

  • Identify ways to improve networking between pathology services


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$A5,000 (plus GST) for first facility in your network $A4,000 for each additional facility.
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Improvement Group Name

Pathology Improvement Group

18-19 October 2017 - Brisbane
Meeting Code HRT1720

In 2017, we will be starting a new Pathology Improvement Group to look at questions such as:

  • Ordering the right test at the right time
  • Understanding the future of pathology testing - point of care vs central labs; new advances like genomics
  • Benchmarking overall costs of pathology testing (in-house vs commercial contracts)
  • Ensuring that pathology results are recorded in patient records for coding/treatment purposes
  • Benchmarking pathology productivity - relative value units per FTE

The 2017 Improvement Group meeting will take place in Brisbane, QLD and will enable participants to hear speakers talking about leading-edge innovations from Australia and New Zealand, as well as share ideas with each other.

Clinical pathology testing is likely to continue to see accelerated growth due to:

  • Aging population
  • R&D leading to more sophisticated specialised testing e.g. in genomics
  • Increased recognition of value of early detection
  • Increased affordability
  • Change in technology - most tests currently ordered by clinicians- changes in technology may lead to growth in point of care testing, in physicians offices and on the high street, and home testing.

This group will investigate and discuss some of the key issues around clinical pathology testing:

  • Is there scope to speed up the pace of change in pathology to deliver the benefits available from service reconfiguration and technological development?
  • Understanding the future of pathology testing - point of care vs central labs; new advances like genomics
  • Are there opportunities (to adopt) new investigations and procedures employing innovative technologies?
  • Can we strengthen links between primary care and laboratories to improve turnaround times and reduce inappropriate requests for pathology tests?

Who should participate?
  • This Roundtable is intended to share "good practice" ideas and innovations for reducing readmissions.
  • Organise a cross-disciplinary team.
  • You may bring up to four people per health service.
The Health Roundtable will:
  • Work with experts to identify key trends and innovations.
  • Survey participating health services for innovative practices.
  • Collate and analyse results.
  • Summarise the meeting and circulate all presentations.

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