Integrated Care

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  • Learn lessons from other leading organisations

  • Develop action plans to improve

  • Receive a general practice / primary care comparative view of system wide activity in the reporting.


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Integrated Care

Whole of System Special Improvement Group

14-15 August 2019 - Christchurch
Meeting Code HRT1911

Our Whole of System Improvement Group has been developed to meet an increasing need in healthcare — improving care delivered across the continuum of care - especially where the community and hospital settings intersect.

Managing demand is complex and requires a whole of system approach that involves both the inpatient and outpatient elements of care. Areas that are likely to have impact include: the management of long-term conditions, primary care hospital avoidance programmes, provision of urgent access to primary care, ambulance diversion pathways, improving discharges and understanding readmissions.

Whole of System reports will examine datasets that link hospital and community care; specifically looking for trends in ED presentations and acute hospital admissions and also consider the impact chronic conditions may have on care utilisation. Data will be presented from the Health District / Hospital perspective, the PHO/PHN perspective and also from the General Practice view.

Please join us for our Whole of System meeting. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Identify areas for improvement for your health system
  • Actively contribute to the future design of the Whole of System Improvement Group
  • Collaborate and learn from other organisations
  • What do you need to do?
    • Confirm your subscription.
    • Designate a liaison representative as a key contact for this group.
    • Provide two additional data fields from your practice management system and submit some additional pre-meeting information.
    • Organise a delegation to attend the annual meeting—up to 2 delegates are free, one of which must be from a PHO.
    • Identify a key innovation to share at the annual meeting.
    What does The Health Roundtable do?
    • Collect and process your Whole of System data.
    • Merge Whole of System data with inpatient episode data to provide a suite of comparative reports.
    • Facilitate the annual meeting to identify innovative practices and encourage action to improve the patient journey.

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