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In 2020, the New Zealand Chapter continues to improve systems and processes for the delivery of New Zealand health care.

The New Zealand Chapter is unique, bringing together all of New Zealand’s DHB’s together collaboratively to identify variance in outcomes, sharing innovations and distributing best practice ideas among fellow NZ members.

The direction and focus of the NZ Chapter is aligned with sector priorities, identified through engagement with New Zealand sector leaders via our New Zealand HRT board members.

Our exclusive New Zealand Chapter reports, designed by members, highlight key insights for your facility amongst New Zealand hospitals only to reflect the unique culture and ethnicity of New Zealand and highlight inequality.

Specifically, the suite of 2020 New Zealand Chapter Benchmarking Reports includes analysis on the following:

  1. Red, Yellow, Green Indicators used throughout
  2. Executive Summary
  3. RSI, ALoS & Mode LoS Analysis
  4. Unique ethnicity population subgroup analysis of KPI’s
  5. DOSA & Surgery related Analysis
  6. Detailed Readmission Trends
  7. ED KPI Trends
  8. Medication, SAB & Blood Product related measures
  9. Multiple HAC trends
  10. Detailed Mortality analysis


Our New Zealand Chapter meeting creates insights, analysis, collaboration and innovation sharing of best practice across DHB members.

The theme for the February 2020 meeting is Reducing Unwarranted Clinical Variation to improve Quality and Safety in Healthcare with a focus on Frailty and our Maori patients.

To register, attend or for more information on the February 2020 meeting please click HERE.

A unique aspect of the New Zealand Chapter meeting is the New Zealand only hospital data analysis, providing insights into the most recent HRT NZ data with a focus on clinical variation and equity of outcomes.

After our New Zealand Chapter meeting, you will have analysed your KPI, HAC & Mortality data, listened to presentations from healthcare experts, highlighted an opportunity for your hospital and have an implementation plan ready to present to the following meeting.

Why Participate?

Access our exclusive NZ only reports for quick and easy analysis
Benchmark with your NZ peers to understand how your hospital compares 
Insight into your service highlighting your success and opportunities
Listen to leading healthcare experts to solve your issues
Develop practical implementation plans to improve your service

What do you need to do?

  1. Organise a multi-disciplinary team to attend our unique chapter meeting
  2. Identify your improvement innovation and share it with other member health services

What does The Health Roundtable do?

  1. Work with key liaison contacts to plan the chapter meetings
  2. Utilise existing casemix data, to report on NZ KPI’s HAC’s & Mortality
  3. Facilitate the meeting to identify innovative practices and collaboration
  4. Assists you to analyse your data and create action plans



If you have any questions about the NZ Chapter including reports or our meetings, or need any other information please contact: 

Fiona Fitzgerald at

Ben Wakeling at or on 0468993080

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The NSW Chapter of The Health Roundtable will continue to share 6 monthly data, meeting by webcast and in person.  

The current intense focus on Activity Based Funding across Australia and particularly in NSW has prompted setting up a special NSW Chapter of  The Health Roundtable to work together to improve everyone’s readiness for the new system. 

The Terms of Reference for the NSW Chapter have incorporated ideas proven to work with our New Zealand, Victorian and Queensland Chapters. The key focus of the NSW Chapter will be "Improving Readiness for Activity Based Funding.”

The NSW Chapter Steering Group liaises with The Health Roundtable team to identify key priorities for improvement across NSW  health services.  

Chapter meetings provide the opportunity to share insights with each other, as well as learn from experts from other jurisdictions on issues including coding practices, operational planning practices, staffing practices, and financial management practices.

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