Mental Health

Why Participate?

  • Compare your mental health services with your peers on key performance indicators

  • Share issues and innovations with your colleagues

  • Develop practical action plans to improve your service


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$A5,000 (plus GST) for first facility in your network $A4,000 for each additional facility.
Individual delegate venue fees are billed separately.

Timeline and Key Dates

4 March 2017
Submit 2016 community mental health data

25 May 2017
Mental Health reports available on website

13 April 2017
Pre-meeting survey distributed

4 May 2017
Deadline for return of pre-meeting surveys

1 June 2017
Briefing materials distributed

8-9 June 2017
Mental Health Improvement Workshop - Melbourne

Mental Health Improvement Group

Mental Health Improvement Group

8-9 June - Melbourne
Meeting Code HRT1712

The aim of this Group is to improve the provision of safe mental health services by sharing information on implementing innovative and effective practices. The group receives a series of annual reports that contain both inpatient and community data as well as some outcome measures. Separate reports are provided for adults, aged and CAMHS services. Members share information at an annual workshop.

The 2017 workshop will focus on the special topic of "Addressing the strategic imperatives in Mental Health - workforce, change, ABF and outcomes". Members will share information on a broad range of topics including how to address workforce issues; how to respond to change; how to respond to the new ABF requirements and best practice in measurement of outcomes.

Members will share information about their practical experiences and innovations.

Comparison across hospitals in both graphs:

What do you need to do?
  • Designate a mental health contact for each service group to be represented: CAMHS, Adult, or Aged Care.
  • Provide an annual extract of your community mental health data for processing, and review draft data reports.
  • Report progress on current Aim Statements and improvement plans.
  • Organise a delegation to attend the annual workshop—
    up to four people per stream, including a community agency representative.
  • Identify an improvement objective for implementation based on innovative ideas learnt.
What does The Health Roundtable do?
  • Extract mental health inpatient data from existing health service datasets.
  • Collect and analyse mental health community data, including HoNos outcome scores.
  • Produce reports by Mental Health service group on key performance indicators, and inpatient DRGs.
  • Facilitate the annual meeting of each service group, and provide a summary report based on the discussions.
  • Provide phone and webcast support to all members to assist with data interpretation.

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