Inpatient Analysis

Key Benefits

  • Compare your length of stay, readmission rates and quality of care with relevant peers 

  • Quickly identify ‘exemplar’ health services to contact about their practices

  • Engage clinicians and staff on key issues 

  • Identify ways to improve quality of your coding and counting of inpatient episodes

What you need to do:

  • Designate an inpatient data liaison person to act as a contact for questions and follow-up.

  • Review the reports and provide suggestions for improvement at the Data Review Meeting.

  • Upload data quarterly by the assigned deadlines.

Inpatient briefings and reports

Inpatient Care Comparisons Reports by Department & DRG

Quarterly Inpatient Briefings
Every three months the Health Roundtable produces a suite of customised inpatient briefing reports to assist in finding opportunities for improvement. Although focused on length of stay, the reports also provide data on readmission and DOSA rates, complications of care, and drill down to the principal diagnosis and procedure level.

"Top 10" Bed Day Opportunities for your health service

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