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The Health Roundtable offers corporate organisations the opportunity to participate in its activities to learn more about the issues facing major teaching hospitals. In return, they are given the opportunity to participate in meetings where there is no direct conflict of interest, and have agreed to abide by the Health Roundtable Honour Code to protect the confidentiality of all Roundtable discussions.  The Health Roundtable welcomes appropriate participation in its discussions of key issues by health industry vendors. Sponsorship is open to organisations involved in the healthcare industry. We have three levels of support which provide access to our meetings, publications, and website. An application for sponsorship can be found by clicking this link. For additional information, please contact the General Manager of The Health Roundtable.

  Free up more time for treating patients and improve the accuracy of your professional time reporting by using the Activity BarCoding (ABC) System.

The ABC System replaces paper diaries and data entry typing tasks with a portable barcode reader that instantly records the barcode label of the patient you are seeing plus codes for your key activities with the patient, as you deliver your service. It then takes just a couple of minutes to upload and review all your activity for the day. The system was designed from the ground up for busy health care professionals, with extensive management reports for you, your patients and referring departments. For more information, please check

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