Our Mission

Our Mission

We are a non-profit membership organisation of health services across Australia and New Zealand. We exist to:
  • Provide opportunities for health executives to learn how to achieve Best Practice in their organisations

  • Collect, analyse and publish information comparing organisations and identifying ways to improve operational practices 

  • Promote interstate and international collaboration and networking amongst health organisation executives 

Members are provided with a wide range of documents and presentations that identify innovations in health care practice, as well as comparative information and meeting notes. Any staff member from a member health service can access these reports by registering for access with their health service email address.

Honour Code

In order to maintain frank discussion in our meetings, all our members agree to abide by The Health Roundtable Honour Code which requires that:

  • No member shall criticise the performance of other member organisations, or use any of the information to the detriment of a fellow member.

  • No external distribution of data or conclusions based on Health Roundtable data is made without the unanimous consent of all contributors, unless required by law.

Data provided to The Health Roundtable are freely shared amongst participating members, but are not disclosed to outside organisations. However, general insights and methodologies are openly available to the public through this website.

Interested in becoming a member?

Organisational membership is available to health services (both public and non-profit private) throughout Australia and New Zealand, upon application to our Board of Directors.

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