The Health Roundtable is governed by its Board of Directors who are elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting, or appointed by other Board members to fill casual vacancies until the next Annual General Meeting.  Board members must be Personal Members of The Health Roundtable, which means that they are the nominated representative within their health services.

The management and service provision of the organisation is outsourced to Potential(X), a health consultancy organisation. The outsourcing contract is based on a per-member-per-service pricing model which is negotiated 18 months in advance. Gail Prileszky is seconded by Potential(X) to serve as General Manager of The Health Roundtable.

Contract performance is assessed at each meeting and on an annual basis to identify issues and corrective actions required.

A history of the development of The Health Roundtable (as of March 2008) can be found here.


The Health Roundtable operates under a Constitution approved in 2006 which is available here.

The Board of Directors as of March 2017

Mr Andrew Way President Dr Amanda Dines Director
Dr Frank Daly Vice President Ms Naomi Dwyer
Mr Brett Bricknell Treasurer Mr Ron Dunham
Ms Geraldine Carlton Director Mr Greg Flint Director
Mr Phillip Balmer Director Mr Jim Story Company Secretary


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Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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