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Central Coast’s Emergency Department ‘Working Party' Drives Costing Improvements

Categories: Costing | Author: Sarah Brandt | Posted: 18/03/2016 | Views: 873

Central Coast was experiencing data quality issues in the ED that were having an impact on funding and costing. They also noted inconsistent procedures and processes between facilities and a lack of engagement between Performance and Casemix Unit and ED Staff.

To remedy the above issues Central Coast established an ‘ED Working Party’ in August 2015, formalised their governance structure, sought executive support and engaged relevant stakeholders to assist in improving their costing performance.

As a result, incidence of inpatient medical staff removing ED diagnosis has reduced from 14 to less than 5 per month. Additionally, a diagnosis error URG correction flowchart has been developed, an increase in ED staff’s knowledge of Activity Based Funding has been achieved and data quality issues have been addressed.

Download a summary slide by clicking here.

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