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Calvary Mater Newcastle’s Very Intensive Patient (VIP) Project Reduces Presentations to the Hospital

Categories: Innovation, Readmissions | Author: Nicholas Smeaton | Posted: 15/03/2016 | Views: 1414

Calvary Mater Newcastle’s (CMN) readmissions rate was consistently above 10% and exceeded their goal of 6.1%. In an effort to reduce readmissions, CMN developed a multi-pronged model of care aimed at caring for the Very Intensive Patient (VIP).

The solutions included a Patient Flow Portal to identify frequency of readmission, creating and implementing the “Scale-up tool” to explore representation history, involving Social Workers from the beginning and focussing on social determinants of health that impact the patient’s ability to remain at home.

Since implementing the changes, VIP readmission rates for older patients (age 80+) have been reduced, VIPs are being identified using real-time data and staff no longer refer to this patient population as “frequent flyers” and are more optimistic that something can be done to address the patient’s unique needs.

Download a summary slide by clicking here.

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