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Toowoomba Hospital improves outcomes for stroke patients by employing Allied Health on the weekend

Categories: Innovation | Author: Matt Stewart | Posted: 8/12/2015 | Views: 1443
An internal audit of stroke patients admitted on Friday nights and the weekend at Toowoomba Hospital, revealed a reduced clinical outcome on discharge and increased length of Stay. They realised that this was most likely because of the lack of equitable Allied Health care on weekends, which was particularly relevant given emerging evidence highlighting the need for timely assessment and intervention, and the importance of intensity of practice in neural plasticity and functional recovery.
They implemented a trans-disciplinary AH service for acute stroke patients to identify appropriate skill-shared clinical tasks in April 2015. The LOS has dropped for weekend admissions from 29 to 14.7 days since implementation.
Toowoomba Hospital's innovation presentation is available to HRT members by clicking here.
Other hospital’s innovations from the 2015 Sub-acute Services Improvement group meeting are available by clicking here.
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