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St Vincents’ Sydney nursing team develops NIV unit resulting in less admissions to CCU and ICU

Categories: Nursing, Innovation | Author: Matt Stewart | Posted: 12/08/2015 | Views: 1022

The nursing team at St Vincents Sydney realised the need for a dedicated Non-Invasion Ventilation team, as patients with Acute Respiratory Failure Type 2 were potentially compromised in their care, increasing LOS and leading to inappropriate admissions to CCU and ICU. After a robust process of consultation, assessment and development, a 4 bedded NIV unit went live in July 2015.

Although less than a month since go live, there have already been 176 patients requiring NIV and the innovation has seen a coding improvement from 20% to over 70%. There are also early signs of admission avoidance to CCU and ICU.

St Vincents’ innovation presentation is available to HRT members by clicking here.

Other hospital’s innovations from the 2015 Nursing Improvement Group meeting are available by clicking here.

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