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Central Coast Allied Health saves $840K by working on weekends

Categories: Allied Health, Innovation | Author: Matt Stewart | Posted: 30/10/2014 | Views: 1085

The Allied Health team at CCLHD did their homework and decided to trial 7 day service, increasing the Allied presence on weekends.

Taking on board a 2013 Health Partners’ Review recommendation, to reduce length of stay, the CCLHD team provided additional Allied staffing for a 12 week trial period, with an emphasis on enhancing weekend staffing. When the data was analysed the results of the trial were stunning.

The immediate impact was on weekday demand. Gosford Hospital reported a 66% reduction in the average number of Monday referrals and Wyong Hospital a 43% reduction. Speech Pathology reported an average reduced wait for assessment by 13.6% at ED, MAU and Stroke Unit, and there was a reduction in Pneumonia across both sites by a massive 94%! Response times for OT referrals dropped by 65% (from 34 to 12 hours) after 4 weeks and Nutrition recorded a 74% reduction of inpatient referrals.

Overall there was a reduction in average length of stay of 14.6%. The total estimated net savings for the trial was $842,000. Through timely clinical care, providing specialist assessment and interventions, Allied Health services contributed to improved NEAT scores for LHD and reduced LOS and ABF price.

Central Coast and other participating hospital’s innovation presentations are available to HRT members by clicking here.

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