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Christchurch Hospital finds an effective way to reduce COPD admissions.

Categories: Emergency, Innovation | Author: Matt Stewart | Posted: 8/09/2014 | Views: 1101

When colleagues at Christchurch Hospital realised that 80% of people admitted with COPD arrived by ambulance, they saw an opportunity for improvement. They introduced the “Ambulance Diversion” initiative, and within a month there was a huge increase of transfers to GPs. There was also a substantial increase of patients finishing in primary care, from 19% to 42%!

Voted in the top 4 innovations presented at The Health Roundtable’s most recent major roundtable meeting, “Improving Coordination with Primary Care Providers”, Christchurch Hospital’s “Ambulance Diversion” initiative demonstrated the power of improved communications.

According to their presentation at the meeting, they aimed to increase the ability of ambulance staff to assess severity, increase alternatives to transport to emergency and improve communications between ambulances and community providers.Christchurch trained ambulance staff to assess COPD patients for GP referral by producing a patient card filled out by the patient’s GP, and a COPD severity assessment sheet provided to ambulance staff.

Christchurch and other participating hospital’s innovation presentations are available to HRT members by clinking here.

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