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Impressive drop in COPD readmission rates at Wollongong Hospital

Categories: Innovation | Author: Matt Stewart | Posted: 3/09/2014 | Views: 920
Wollongong Hospital has recorded a reduction in COPD readmission rates from 20% to 8% in the last four years!

At The Health Roundtable’s most recent major roundtable meeting, which focused on improving coordination with primary care providers, Wollongong Hospital’s “Punching Windows through Silos” initiative was voted as one of the top innovations of the meeting.

4 years ago, colleagues at Wollongong Hospital realised that they were performing poorly against HRT’s exemplar hospitals, resulting in costly readmissions and inadequate transfer of care processes to primary care. As a result of this introspection, they came up with a mufti-pronged strategy that has resulted in significant drops in readmission rates, RSI and ALOS, emergency admissions and overall bed days.  They also recorded a 60% increase of referrals of patients to pulmonary rehab. The most impressive part of the strategy is partnering with a local council gym for the “Lungs in Action” program.

Wollongong and other participating hospital’s innovation presentations are available to HRT members by clinking here.

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