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Reducing HAI by improved cleaning

Categories: Nursing, Site News, Patient Safety, Drafts, Public, Roundup Issue #17 | Author: KateTynan | Posted: 29/07/2014 | Views: 1004
See cost saving innovations!
Gold Coast has taken the opportunity of moving into their new 'state of the art' hospital to invest in redesign of support services.  New uniforms signalling a new culture!  To see how they did it click here.

Monash,  microfibre and stream – proven effective in controlling outbreaks, saves dollars, time and improves cleaners engagement. Click here
Disposable curtains evaluated for efficacy at  Townsville Hospital  have demonstrated superior infection control and significant savings.

Contractors or in-house services - Audit of cleaning compliance improved over 50% by taking cleaning services back 'in-house'  and is saving money at Auckland. Click here

See website  Compare Performance/ Improving Cleaning Practice

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