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End of Life Care - Everyones Responsibility!

Categories: Nursing, Site News, Patient Safety, Drafts, Public, Roundup Issue #17 | Author: KateTynan | Posted: 24/06/2014 | Views: 1081
Celebrating three years of ongoing improvements for patients and carers!

Around half of all Australians currently die in hospital so improving End of Life Care is an important responsibility for the senior executives and ALL clinicians working within hospitals.  At the recent Health Roundtable held in Melbourne on June 19th and 20th members of the End of Life Care Improvement group shared their progress on improving End of Life Care with their colleagues and agreed their priorities for the 2015 meeting.

Since the inaugural meeting of this improvement group in 2012 most members have created interdisciplinary working groups reporting through to senior executives to assist with development and implementation of good practice across the whole of their hospital. Examples of this were presented at the meeting from Alfred Health, Barwon, Royal Brisbane and Women’s, Liverpool and Ballarat. Their presentations are all available on the website for members to view. Click here.

Fox are implementing a standardised patient observation chart for dying patients to monitor common patient symptoms and family distress. Like the standard observation chart it prompts escalation to relevant clinicians. For more information the full presentation is here.

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