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Controlling costly care: a billion-dollar hospital opportunity!

Categories: Site News, Drafts, Public | Author: KateTynan | Posted: 10/03/2014 | Views: 1077
New report by Stephen Duckett and Peter Breadon, GRATTAN Institute

Click here to download report. 

This report demonstrates that a better pricing system for public hospital treatment would show where costs are too high, and free up $1 billion for better health care!   

The gulf between treatments in high and low-cost hospitals in Australia is vast, with no good reason for such variation. In New South Wales, for example, the difference in the cost of a common gall bladder treatment between the highest and lowest-cost hospitals is more than $4,000, and the difference in the cost of a hip replacement more than $16,000. In many states the gap between the most and least expensive hospitals is more than $1,500 for every admission — and in some states it is much greater — even when all legitimate funding differences among hospitals that we can measure are taken into account.
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