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New Zealand Hospitals are working hard: Reducing harm from falls!

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Simple interventions reduce falls to zero!

Simple interventions reduce falls to zero!

In Northland, a very enthusiastic Clinical Nurse Manager moved the start time for two Health Care Assistants from 7am to 6am to help with early morning toileting. This reduced the number of falls to zero in 6 months compared to 5 in the previous 6 month period. Another simple intervention - removing raised ridges in doorways at a cost of $1200 saved 31 excess bed days. For more information about the falls prevention work across this DHB click here



Find out about how Nelson Marlborough DHB with their “I care I stop falls” program have created a cross sector Falls Alliance as they strive to reduce the number of patients presenting to their hospitals with a fall. There is now one falls pathway for the hospital, GPs and community facilities. Within the hospital improvements include regular intentional rounding and environmental risk assessments. Falls and falls risk are reviewed at each shift handover. Vitamin D is now prescribed to over 90% of rest home residents. For more information about the initiatives at Nelson Marlborough please click here...
From The Health Roundtable Patient Safety report Bay of Plenty recognised that their rate of in-hospital falls was very high compared to their peers. The intervention they credit with the biggest finding was stocking “non slip” socks at a very low cost. Other initiatives include implementing intentional rounding, ensuring the appropriate equipment is available eg true floor level beds and developing online learning packages. These are all contributing to challenging complacency within their hospitals. For more information please click here....
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