Key Performance Indicators

Key Benefits

  • Use a Balanced Scorecard approach to review overall performance
  • Identify improving and declining areas using  simple “traffic lights”
  • Compare notes with members who are performing better on key indicators

What you need to do:

  • Subscribe to a Health Roundtable Core, Insights, Premium or Small Facility Package HERE

  • Designate a KPI liaison person to act as a contact for questions and follow-up.
  • Enter indicator data for manually collected measures of interest to your health service on a sample basis once each six months.
  • Review the reports to investigate "Red Traffic Light" items.

Key Performance Indicator Reports

Key Performance Indicator Scorecard Report & National Standards Report

The 2020 Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Report compares your hospitals KPI’s specifically linked to the Australian National Standards.

This one report summarises your hospitals performance.

Our valuable reports provide quick and easy insight into your KPI metrics, allowing you to monitor the KPI’s at your hospitals governance meetings and improve the patient care regarding quality, safety and efficiency.

The KPI Reports are perfect for Executives and Quality Managers to execute decision making and focus attention on areas of opportunity. The KPI Reports can then be linked back to other Core Reports to undertake change management to improve patient care or hospital operational performance. You can analyse your KPI Report in 10 mins from report download.

As always, we benchmark your KPI’s against your Australian and New Zealand peers highlighting key insights into your hospitals Australian National Standards linked metrics including variation against exemplar hospitals. 

Specifically, the 2020 KPI Report include:

  1. Red, Yellow, Green Indicators used throughout
  2. Executive Summary
  3. RSI, ALoS & Mode LoS Analysis
  4. Unique population subgroup analysis of KPI’s
  5. DOSA & Surgery related Analysis
  6. Revenue linked Analysis
  7. Complaint Resolution Analysis
  8. Detailed Readmission Trends
  9. ED KPI Trends
  10. Medication, SAB & Blood Product related measures
  11. Multiple HAC trends
  12. Workforce Trends


The goals of the KPI Report is to: 

  1. Provide an quick and easy Executive Level Hospital overview
  2. Help you identify where your hospital is an exemplar and celebrate with your team
  3. Help you identify what opportunities your has for improvement ready for accreditation
  4. Allow you to monitor your Hospitals performance


What do you need to do?

  1. Subscribe to a Health Roundtable Core, Insights, Premium or Small Facility Package
  2. Designate a key liaison contact for questions and follow-up
  3. Submit your hospitals casemix data
  4. Execute decision making and focus attention on areas of opportunity 


What does The Health Roundtable do?

  1. Work with the key liaison or hospital executive to provide expert support
  2. Use your casemix data to create insightful reports
  3. Assist you to analyse the KPI report to identify meaningful insights to celebrate or improve 


Why Participate?

  • Access our exclusive reports for quick and easy analysis
  • Benchmark with your Australasian peers to understand how your speciality services compare
  • Insight into your service highlighting your success and opportunities
  • Share your successful innovations with your colleagues
  • Listen to experts to solve your issues
  • Develop practical implementation plans to improve your service

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