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Bunbury Regional Hospital Reduces ALOS for Respiratory Illnesses

Author: Sarah Brandt | Posted: 1/06/2017 | Views: 792
The Health Roundtable peer comparison reports showed high ALOS and RSI. Objective was to reduce pressure on beds, create and environment for process improvement and improve clinical pathways.

Meetings with the nominated Clinician/ Director of Medical Services at Bunbury Hospital occurred to:

• Discuss the current Respiratory Medicine analysis – High RSI & ALOS for DRGs E62 & E65
• Explore current discharge planning arrangement(s), assess the efficacy of other models for discharge (Nurse-led discharges), and use of reporting tools to better plan discharge
• Review clinical coding through Health Information Managers

Analysis so far indicates that:

• Patients admitted for DRG E62A on a Tuesday had a 42% higher ALOS
• Weekends had significantly lower discharges but have ‘on average’ lower ALOS
• Potential to reduce ALOS and create capacity to treat more patients in current beds

Click here to view a Summary Slide of this Innovation.


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