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Redland Hospital Reduces Hospital ED presentation

Author: Sarah Brandt | Posted: 1/06/2017 | Views: 865
Redland Hospital was experiencing ‘recurrent presenters’, an overburdened Emergency Departments and an ageing population.

In an effort to rectify these challenges and provide better care monthly meetings were established to:

• Conduct a multidisciplinary approach to identify and address individual client issues
• Formulate management plans
• Arrange community support and outpatient clinics as required
• Develop EDIS alerts to raise awareness to the plan if the client re-presents
• Improve GP Communication

Since implementing the above changes Redland has observed:

• A decrease in ‘recurrent presenters’
• More than a 50% success rate
• 100% decline in mental health patients

Click here to view a Summary Slide of this Innovation.


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