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Using Telehealth (and iPADs) to Improve HITH Care

Author: Sarah Brandt | Posted: 30/05/2017 | Views: 719
Staffing shortages, an increase in readmissions and a need to increase in service efficiency prompted changes at QEII and Princess Alexandra Hospitals. Improvement interventions were targeted at HITH services.

In July 2015 begin a 6 mo trial introducing iPADs (nurses connected patients and consultants with the iPAD) during HITH visits.
• The nurse facilitated the use of the iPAD during the virtual appointment to:
• Consult with the Dr in collaboration with the patient
• Allow the patient and Dr to see each other
• Show the Dr the patients IVC/PICC sites, wounds and discuss progress, ongoing treatment or concerns
• The iPADs were also utilised for handover with the HITH consultant when he was unable to attend in person.

Since incorporating iPADs into HITH care, there have been 3mo without any 28d readmissions for patients discharged from HITH.

Click here to view a Summary Slide of this Innovation.


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