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INSIGHTS - July 2019 Update

Author: Jovin Synott | Posted: 24/07/2019 | Views: 1170

HRT INSIGHTS: July 2019 Product Update

Jovin Synott,
Product Manager

The Health Roundtable


  • Tips and Tricks
  • Data Refresh
  • INSIGHTS Development

  • Carefree browsing!

    Did you know that the internet browser you use can impact your experience on INSIGHTS?
    The version of an internet browser that you are using may house bugs that potentially disrupts the traffic between your internet session and our INSIGHTS platform back-end. Hence, internet browser suppliers develop upgrades to their software so their customers have the best internet browsing experience as possible. 

    DRIVE supports modern web browsers for security and functionality purposes. Please use a recent Google Chrome (v75+) or Mozilla Firefox Browser (v68+) to access the platform.

    Click here, if you're not sure which version of your browser you have. A dialogue box should be available that will inform you whether a later version of your browser available for download. If you're not sure what to do, contact your local IT helpdesk or put a request help from the HRT chatbox!

    Data Refresh

    Hospitals who are subscribed to Package C have their latest data; available to May 2019.

    Executive Summary Changes

    You will notice we have changed the layout of the Executive Summary page in the latest refresh. The sections of the page showing your latest results have been standardised to make it easier for users to determine what time period applies, regardless of whether you have signed up to monthly updates (i.e. Package C) or quarterly updates (i.e. Package B).

    Hint: Use your tooltips to surface the precise time period that applies to your page!

    We have also normalised the "Performance v Peers" and "Quarterly Trend" graphics, by converting the raw results to a
    z score statistic. The benefit for the users is to have a view of the world that adjusts for outlier data points that have been submitted to HRT over time. We want to ensure that there is a sound statistical basis for users to conclude whether their organisation; for a particular clinical measure, is an outlier with respect to all of the Health Roundtable or whether there is a concerning trend that should be escalated. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you'd like to know more about the technical aspects of z scoring.

    Beta Version Investigation Tool

    We have received feedback over the past few months from you concerning the requirements for an online investigation tool for typical consumers of HRT data. We take user feedback very seriously; which means we convert talk into rock-solid action for our developers!

    The feedback we had from users is that they require a tool that allows them to perform contextual analysis of clinical performance data. Our take on that is to build a tool that does the following:

    • Focus on an indicator and drag into the analysis relevant dimensions and measures that help surface a story embedded within your data
    • Comprehensive and unlimited slice and dice of your own data
    • Flexible "pivot table" format and functionality
    • Convert from table view to chart view
    • User-friendly export to excel or PDF
    You're probably wondering what does this new feature look like and when can we use it. Keep reading for a sneak preview of the user interface. We plan to roll-out the new tool as soon as our developers dot the i's and cross the t's. In fact, we have a more to come in the next few months including a new workflow and better response time. So watch this space!

    If you'd like to know more about anything contained within this month's newsletter, please do not hesitate to contact me via email:


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