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INSIGHTS - March 2019 Update

Author: Jovin Synott | Posted: 1/04/2019 | Views: 1611

HRT INSIGHTS: March 2019 Product Update

Jovin Synott,
Product Manager

The Health Roundtable


  • Training session available
  • Prioritise you work-in-progress
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Data Refresh
  • INSIGHTS Story

  • Open training session

    An open user training session will be held on Wednesday 17th of April from 13:00 to 14:30 (AEDT). All current users are encouraged to participate. Our training session will contain a demonstration of a general workflow in the platform. If you are interested to participate, please click here to register.

    Pin your Insight to your Dashboard

    A common question I get from users is how do they elevate their work-in-progress analysis and collaboration forums to the top of their worklist. A useful feature in the BRG-DRIVE platform is the ability to “pin” your generated Insights to your dashboard. The benefit for users who use this feature is having the Insights appear as soon as they’ve logged into the platform. Keep these Insights in your dashboard as they are relevant and when you’re done, hit the complete button to archive.

    1 - Go to your Insights Hub

    2 - Pin the Insight to the Dashboard

    3 - On your next login, access that Insight straightaway from the Dashboard 

    Hamburger button

    "The hamburger button so named for its unintentional resemblance to a hamburger is a button typically placed in a top corner of a graphical user interface..."

    1- Select the YourEpisode/s of interest (hold down Ctrl or Shift for multiple episodes selection)
    2 - Hover the cursor over the selected YourEpisode/s and click the Hamburger button

    3 - Click on the “Full Data” tab

    4 - Click on the “Download all rows as a text file” link to bring up the full dataset in Microsoft Excel

    Data Refresh

    Hospitals who are subscribed to Package C have their latest data; available to January 2019.

    Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT)

    The Getting It Right First Time (GIRFT) is a programme running in the United Kingdom that covers 35 surgical and medical specialties, working directly with frontline
    clinicians to identify and reduce unwarranted variations in service delivery and clinical practice.

    Click here to find out more about this programme.

    The Health Roundtable have been working members to understand variation in practice for a range of sites that perform Urological Surgical procedures.  The GIRFT programme made two important findings from “deep-dive visits” in participating sites in the UK. A finding concerned the levels of morale for hospitals. Even while doing many things right from the process perspective, the sheer imbalance between patient numbers and available resources is
    proving almost insurmountable for these providers. The network model is potentially part of the answer; as well as targeted support from programmes such as GIRFT is another.

    Opportunities in urology
    Transparency and mentorship are avenues for receiving targeted support. For Urological Surgeons, this can be achieved by creating a safe space to report clinical variation in their practice and offering opportunities to speak to their colleagues; especially when the clinical variation concerns complex urological procedures.

    The INSIGHTS platform can be used to highlight variation in length of stay in complex urological procedures and variation in the ratio of open procedures to laparoscopic procedures. 

    For example, use INSIGHTS to determine how your Radical Nephrectomy length of stay compares to other principal referrer member sites:

    1 - Select the indicator “Average Length of Stay - Acute..”;

    2 - Deselect “HRT Defined Peers” in your “1. Select a peer group(s)” dropdown and select “PR - Principal Referral”;

    3 - Using the “Principal Procedure” dropdown select procedure code “3652801”

    Or, use INSIGHTS investigation table to determine how your ratio of Open Nephrectomy to Laparoscopic Nephrectomy compares to other
    principal referrer member sites:

    1- Select the indicator “Number of episodes”

    2 - Using the “Principal Procedure” dropdown select procedure codes:  “3652801”, “3652201”, “3651601”, 3651600”, “3652200”, “3652800”

    3 - By holding the control key, choose your desired hospital peer group

    4 - Select all in the time series chart

    5 - In the Investigation Table select “Principal Procedure” as your second row heading

    Contact Jovin Synott, Product Manager ( for any assistance in generating your own use-cases relevant to your clinical practice.


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