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INSIGHTS - February Update

Author: Jovin Synott | Posted: 1/03/2019 | Views: 1570

HRT INSIGHTS: February Product Update

Jovin Synott,
Product Manager

The Health Roundtable


Narrow your search

Users are often interested in learning of ways to quickly surface insights into their data, which can be used to spark new and interesting lines of enquiries with colleagues. The platform is always reporting results over the last four years of available data. Sometimes, narrowing your search on a shorter and often more recent time period, opens the door to snappy response times from the platform. 

By changing your time period in the Overview Chart, your subsequent actions will have a quicker response time as the volume of data being queried has reduced.

Data Refresh

Hospitals who subscribed to Package B or Package C have their latest data (to December 2018) updated on the INSIGHTS platform. 

Investigating equity in unplanned readmission rates

Health inequality in New Zealand is publicised as a significant issue. The outcome for the Maori for conditions like cardiovascular disease or heart failure is worse when compared to non-Maori. 

INSIGHTS users can view the results for all indicators by NZ Ethnicity. This capability allows users to test whether clinical outcomes are materially variable across ethnic groups. INSIGHTS has a range of unplanned readmissions within 28 days indicators that can be utilised to test the efficacy of hospital care or availability of appropriate community health services, for a given patient cohort. We thought it would be interesting to view unplanned readmission rates for all New Zealand hospitals subscribed to the Health Roundtable, by New Zealand ethnicity group.

1 - Select "28 day unplanned readmissions" indicator

2 - Select "All" hospitals in the Health Roundtable

3 - Select 'NZ" jurisdiction

4 - Select all hospitals showing in the Overview Chart

5 - Select all in the Time Series chart

6 - Using your Investigation Table you can now select "NZ Ethnicity" to profile each New Zealand hospital by ethnic group.

An alternative approach to analysing equity in outcomes for a particular ethnic group is to select a specific ethnic group using the "NZ Ethnicity" filter located in your left-hand filter panel. 

If you have any queries on how to utilise your filters or Investigation table row and column headers, please contact Jovin Synott, Health Roundtable Product Manager for INSIGHTS


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