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INSIGHTS - October Update

Author: Jovin Synott | Posted: 26/10/2018 | Views: 1981

HRT Insights: October Product Update

Jovin Synott,
Product Manager

The Health Roundtable



Our partners Berkeley Research Group (BRG) is continuously researching ways to improve the platform experience for our users. They have implemented new exciting features and improvements to the DRIVE component of INSIGHTS – so impressive that they’ve called this version of DRIVE “Polaris”– when BRG engineer changes for our clients they aim for the stars.
  • Strengthened the process of creating insights
  • Introducing a new feature that enables users to be clustered into teams

We anticipate these improvements to be rolled out to users in November – please stay tuned for more details in our next newsletter!

Fixed and Upgraded

As part of the upcoming Polaris upgrade to INSIGHTS, coming in November, the team has re-engineered the process for creating insights to help to accommodate slow internet connections and increasingly massive datasets. You may have noticed that there were occasions where creating insights on a visualisation took more than one attempt. We reviewed the logs to determine what was going on and determined that in certain circumstances the process timed out as it was recording information about the filters that had been applied and capturing the visualisation as an image.  The timeout tended to occur when users had undertaken a complex analysis involving multiple filters and were on somewhat slower internet connections. Our partner, BRG, reconfigured the backend processing to allow for processing of the Insight without requiring a constant internet connection. Additionally, they upgraded the servers that the platform is running on to increase the “horsepower.” These changes ensure that insights will now always create, regardless of how much complexity you want to capture on the screen or the speed of your internet. As a reminder, the team is constantly upgrading the platform and we love to hear your feedback so please send it on!

Data Refresh and New Indicators

Hospitals who subscribed to Package C have their latest data (to August 2018) updated on the INSIGHTS platform next week.
The latest data is coupled with additional indicators that enable users to analyse their HDxSMR mortality in greater context. These indicators are available by opening your “Select your Mortality indicator to investigate” dropdown.


As a user of the platform, you may have performed a drill-down into your notional revenue indicators. At the Health Roundtable we have noticed a narrative emerging from media channels that your funding is under threat from a recent determination by the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA) to reduce funding to state governments

Click here to access the article

You're able to review your notional revenue (based on the 17-18 NWAU and NEP) by public episode or acute bed day in your executive summary.

  • From your executive summary drill down into notional revenue by public episode
  • Select peers to be compared to by using the “Select your peer hospitals” or “Select your HRT peer group” filter
  • From the overview chart, select your hospital codename and one or two peer codenames

We have conducted an analysis of Victorian hospitals that receive above and below the HRT median in notional revenue per public episode and noticed a declining trend down on notional revenue on episodes relating to children, aged 1-16.

Notional revenue improvement opportunities tend to be associated with identifying areas where clinical coding could be improved. To understand where these opportunities lie for your health service we recommend using the platform’s investigation table and introduce the “Discharge Department” as a new row or column header. 

If your health organisation prefers to explore opportunities through an inter-hospital analysis, a DRG and Codename row and/or column header selection might be effective.



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