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Ballarat Health Service leading National Rollout of Dementia Care in Hospitals

Author: KateTynan | Posted: 20/11/2017 | Views: 5646
Reducing harm to vulnerable populations

Forty percent of hospital patients over 65 have Cognitive Impairment. These patients have a threefold risk for Hospital-Acquired Complications; urinary tract infection, pneumonia, pressure Injury, or delirium.  Ballarat Health Services in partnership with Alzheimer’s Australia and consumers developed the DCHP program that reduces harm using a:  

  • --  validated screening tool >65 yrs.
  • --  nine key communication strategies for all who engage with the patient.
  • --  bedside Cognitive Impairment Identifier to alert staff as to their responsibilities to the patient

Click here for the full report and evaluation 


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