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Winners of the 2017 Innovations Awards: Congratulations Royal Perth Hospital

Author: KateTynan | Posted: 31/07/2017 | Views: 5950
Take 5! Education for busy people
Problem: Dwindling audiences for face to face education.  Some staff groups effectively unreachable – missing out on core education messages. Also increasing resistance to established formats of eLearning as the panacea solution. 
Solution: Reinvent the education format, content, style, marketing and delivery into a punchy 5-minute format. Results: 10 times more staff accessing Take 5 education each week than attended face to face education. 93% approval rating. Engagement from all staff groups, Inter-hospital collaboration, and sharing of Take 5 content, State-wide engagement across WA without actively trying.  Take 5 subjects being regularly added to the library.  Click here
All 273 Innovations are now available on the website after 


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