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Timeline and key dates

3 February 2018
Data submission deadline

7 March 2018

Pre-collaborative event survey circulated

21 March 2018
Pre-collaborative event surveys returned

6 April 2018
Maternity data reports on website

6 April 2018
Briefing packages distributed to members

18 - 19 April 2018
Maternity Workshop - Brisbane

The Maternity Improvement Group

Maternity Service Improvement Group

The 2018 annual to-day Summit HRT1805 explored the Cascade of Intervention in Childbirth it was held 18-19 April 2018 in Brisbane.

The aim of this event was to improve the provision of safe maternity care by sharing information on implementing innovative and effective practices. The Maternity Reports containing both operational and clinical data, a survey of group members on clinical activities and sharing of recent innovations, formed the basis of this event.

The Iatrogenic onset of birth can lead to a cascade of interventions in childbirth for both the mother and child. The results of which may also increase the likelihood of intervention in subsequent births. However, conversely, intervention in childbirth has advanced to a point where it has enabled a significant reduction in maternal and neonatal mortality for those who require it.

Data on the Iatrogenic onset of birth led to a significant focus on the process and outcomes of Induction of Labour and ways to enable women to make informed choices.

As a result of the meeting action plans focused on:

  1. Create and implement a standardised and well functioning criteria for induction of labour.
  2. Redesign model of obstetric care to enable a continuity of care model.
  3. Midwives to start inserting Cooks catheters for induction of labour.
  4. Time of discharge is reduced through the coordination of care post caesarean section in the community. Measured by LOS data.
  5. Introduction of an electronic induction of labour booking system by April 2021.
  6. Prioritisation of patients based on clinical need with women undergoing elective procedures meeting the guideline criteria. This is reviewed daily by a multidisciplinary team.
  7. Update the Induction of labour guidelines to include clinical indication /criteria’.

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